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DRAFT 1, 15.07.1999



Constitution of CY is variable. Initial Constitution was written by Citizen Secretary Webmaster, with the idea that anyone could and should change it. Changes on the Constitution are suggested on citizen's personal page (interactive passport). Every citizen has the right to suggest a change to the Constitution. This suggestion can only be accepted or rejected if the majority of the population of CY agrees, through a Method of Public Vote.


The Method of Public Vote, which citizens can use to change the Constitution and other matters in CY works as follows: Two third of the population has to vote FOR or AGAINST changes suggested by a citizen, including the Constitution changes, for the vote to be valid. Fifty percent of this electorial body, plus one vote has to accept the suggestion in order for it to be upheld. Votes are counted (in real-time) by the Algorithm of Social System.


The highest body in CY is Algorithm of Social System. The source code for this algorithm is public, and every citizen of CY may inspect it. Any citizen may suggest a change to the Algorithm, in front of all other citizens of CY, through the Method of Public Vote. If their modification is approved, the Algorithm will be changed as suggested.


Anyone may become a citizen of Cyber Yugoslavia. This means that everyone has the right to ask for a CY passport, and everyone will get it automatically, unless they are on the "persona non-grata" list, or they are on the list of people whose passport has been taken away. In these two cases, people asking for citizenship should apply with a special request and a descision will be provided by the entire population of CY, though the Method of Public Vote.

There are no restrictions on the current citizenship(s) of the applicant. Applicants may have one or two citizenships already, and the country or nation of their origin doesn't matter. All citizens of the World are eligible for citizenship of CY.


Citizenship and Passport of CY may be taken away from the citizen if he/she is not behaving in accordance with this Constitution and additional regulation acts.


Every citizen has to be a Secretary of something. When applying for a passport, citizen has to choose his/her Ministry and official title. If the Ministry and/or title already exists, the citizen must choose another Ministry. Secretarial positions may not be superior or inferior in status to any existing secretarial titles. Correct examples of secretarial titles are: Secretary for Coca-Cola, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary for Mountains, Secretary of Sunset, Secretary for Ducks, Secretary for Fusion, Secretary for Independence, Secretary for Babes, Secretary for Red Star, Secretary for Speed Metal, Secretary for Swimming, and all other examples.

7. No person can become a President, King, Queen or Prime Minister of CY, nor can anyone impose their personal will on the citizens of CY. All the citizens are equal Secretaries and each Secretary is equally important.
8. It is an honor, priviledge and right for every citizen familiar with HTML, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, COM objects, IIS filters and ASP applications, as well as music, video and photo digitizing, to participate in building of Cyber Yugoslavia.
9. Citizens have right to complete privacy. Every citizen's data will always be kept hidden from other Internet surfers, except when the citizen wants to reveal it. Citizens can set their desired level of privacyin their Interactive Passport. Citizen will be known to other citizens obligatory only by Secretarial title, but any other form of identification is optional.
10. The CY Anthem is chosen on a weekly basis. The Anthem is not chosen by citizens, but by a random-seeded generator driven by the Constitutional Algorithm. The source code of the Constitutional Algorithm is public. A new Anthem is chosen every weekend from a pool of "antem candidates". The pool of "anthem candidates" consists of citizens' suggestions, using a method a bit different from the Method of Public Vote. Each suggestion has to receive 2/3 of the votes of all citizens in order to enter the pool of "anthem candidates". However, 1/2 of the votes of all the citizens can remove a song from the pool of "anthem candidates" (if a song annoys citizens, it should be easier to remove the song then to accept it). This means that at any given moment there is a theoretical possibility that CY will have no anthem (if the pool of "anthem candidates" is empty). In that instance, the software will become rebellious and will choose any song that comes to mind, at random, from some of the existing mp3 sites on the web.

There is only ever one Flag and one Weapon for CY, but they can be changed by citizens through the Method of Public Vote.


Offical language of CY is any language suggested. Any suggested language will be accepted as an official language, if it really exists. The initial languages of CY are: Serbo-Croatian, English, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Russian, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic and Latin.


Every citizen that suggests a new language has an obligation to translate this Constitution in new official language of CY that is suggested. The original versions of the Constitution are the ones in English and Serbo-Croatian.


Citizenship of CY is free, and nothing in CY can be ever charged for. Maintenance of CY is funded as follows::
1) Cost of Internet Server and Internet Traffic - provided by Secretary Webmaster and Ministry for Web
2) Programming expenses - citizens volunteering to program CY
3) All other expenses are funded exclusively through donations, never through membership or any other fees.


Every citizen has an obligation to visit CY at least 50 times a year on and check their personal interactive passport-page.
Every citizen has an obligation to read the Constitution at least once a month in order to follow the changes, and to keep informed on the latest rules.
Every citizen has an obligation to vote on at least one third of the suggestions of other citizens, every year. The Algorithm of Social System will check that these obligations are being fulfilled.


When it was founded, CY had no territory. There were 152 founding citizens. When the number of citizens reaches five million, CY will request membership of the United Nations, and soon after CY will request a territory of 20 square meters, anywhere on the Globe, where it will place its server. This will be the official territory of CY, where its DNS entry will be located:


Any disputes will come under the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court of CY, which consists of nine members, known as Secretary Judges, whose names are publicly available. Judges may be changed through the Method of Public Vote. When a citizen becomes a Judge, original Ministry of that citizen is "frozen" while function is effective. After this term expires, citizen may take on their "frozen" Ministry again, as it was before citizen became a Judge.