Coming again to our little village :-)

Version 2.0 expected soon...

(If you wish to apply or log-in, please be patient a bit, and re-check this page sometimes. Thanks...)


Cyber Yugoslavia data
Population: List of citizens
Area: 0m2  
Location: Internet
Symbols: Variable See symbolsNational anthem
Constitution: Variable Read constitution
Existing since: 9-9-1999

After ten years (short break), we're back! Algorithm of Social System (ASS) is updated to ver. 2.0. CY now features real-time comms among other. Log-in soon to check the new stuff! Have fun. Secretary Webmaster


his is Cyber Yugoslavia. Home of Cyber Yugoslavs. We lost our country in 1991 and became citizens of Atlantis. Since September 9, 1999 this is our home. We don't have a physical land, but we do have nationality, and we are issuing CY citizenships and CY passports. Because this is Atlantis, we are allowing double and triple citizenships. If you feel Yugoslav, you are welcome to apply for CY citizenship, regardless of your current nationality and citizenship, and you will be accepted. Please read our Constitution for the details. If you are just curious, you are welcome to visit us as tourists.

This land will grow as our citizens wish. Neither faster, nor slower. Neither more, nor less. So, this site will always be under construction. For a solid country to grow, even a virtual one, it takes some time.

When we reach five million citizens, we plan to apply to the UN for a member status. When this happens, we will ask 20 square meters of land anywhere on Earth to be our country. On this land, we'll keep our server.